Job Description

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Contribute to business efficiency improvements through identification, solution formulation and embedded corrective actions by use of all available, appropriate Business Improvement Techniques.

* Ensure achievement of M&S Plan A 'Gold' status within the 'Lean' pillar of the M&S Plan A 2025 standards within agreed timeframes.
* Agree with General Manager, and drive, clear 'initial objectives' with regard to scope of role, initially to include, but not limited to:
* Change-over inefficiencies
* Inefficient operational practices
* Develop 'gap analysis for achievement of 'Plan A 2025' Gold status.
* Develop and agree action plans for delivery of all Key objectives with General Manager.
* Collaborate with Production Manager, building strong effective working relationship
* Challenge the 'status quo' in a professional and inclusive manner.
* Demonstrate tenacity in identifying new 'Continuous Improvement' projects.
* Lead, promote and embed a Continuous Improvement culture throughout the business.
* Coach, educate and train Shift Managers, ASM's and Line Leaders and all other relevant staff in Continuous Improvement techniques where required.
* Nurture and develop effective working relationships with all functions and levels within the business to ensure 'buy in' and commitment to delivery of CI objectives.
* Develop and implement KPI's to measure the impact of all CI initiatives.
* Suggest and discuss modifications to improve throughput, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
* Direct and support all Continuous Improvement initiatives
* Drive Continuous Improvement initiatives and establish Best Practice across all areas of the business.
* Take the lead in progressing the business towards attainment of Plan A Gold status for Environmental compliance.
* Work with all relevant departments and outside advisors to achieve this objective.


Demonstrable compliance with all relevant elements of competency framework - CL3