Job Description


To ensure compliance with the pre-determined legality, food safety and quality requirements of ingredients and packaging coming into the site.

* To carry out documented intake monitoring checks on ingredients coming into the site in compliance with pre-determined schedules.
* To carry out compliance checks on all packaging coming into the site
* Where non-compliance of ingredients and packaging is identified, ensure internal communication and control of the non-conforming item/s implementing on hold as required
* Control ingredients and packaging on WMS as required
* In line with scheduled requirements carry out sampling of ingredients and carry out testing internally or send for testing at external Laboratories
* Communication with the Intake Compliance Controller highlighting compliance with schedule and conformance of all materials.
* Monitor and ensure Certificates of Analysis are received and specification complied with
* Support the Intake Compliance Controller with investigations required into non-conforming materials highlighted by operations teams
* Support Intake Compliance Controller with data to raise the non-conformance documentation to suppliers where non-compliant materials have been identified through intake monitoring checks or by operations teams.
* Communication with suppliers as appropriate to ensure compliance of certificates of analysis and materials coming into site
* Working with operations to ensure the correct finished product quality where an ingredient or material presents a quality challenge with the existing process
* Assisting QA with quality / complaint investigations to determine root cause where a raw material / ingredient / packaging may be at fault.

* To be a member of the internal auditor team, carrying out internal audits against QMS, customer codes of practise in line with scheduled requirement
* To be a key member of the audit traceability team, backwards traceability exercises, back to supplier/seafarms/farm in line with scheduled requirements
* Communicate clearly and work positively and cross functionally with all departments to achieve compliance
* Project Work/Trials as requested by BEF Technical management team - Quality improvements, Shelf life, Technical innovation trials regarding incoming materials.
* Fully understand and comply with all department and company policies and guidelines
* Any other duties and projects that may be assigned as deemed necessary to the needs of the business.

* Ingredient scheduled monitoring checks up to date on a weekly basis
* Packaging intake checks to be up to date on a daily basis
* C of A and system material controls to be up to date on a daily basis
* Sampling to scheduled requirements to be up to date on a weekly basis
* Traceability exercises completed as per scheduled requirement on a monthly basis
* Projects / trials on schedule with agree timelines
* Internal audits completed within required deadlines to approved standard